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Peganum Harmala – Syrian Rue


We work with the seeds of Syrian rue which I use to make different custom medicines, but also as a tea and in combination with magic mushrooms. Contact us if you have certain health problems and we will make medicines for you.

Benefits Syrian Rue:

Good for depression

Good for cancer

Good for diabeter

For painful menstruation




Parkinson’s disease

Rheumatoid Arthritis

To focus

To connect

Will improve your sleeping pattern

Syrian rue, scientific name Peganum Harmala, is a perennial shrub native to the Mediterranean and various regions of Asia. It can now also be found growing wild on the American continent. Part of the Nitrariaceae plant family, Syrian rue can grow up to 1m, but in the wild rarely gets above 0.3m in height. It has narrow leaves that are usually 5 cm long when fully grown and produces many single white flowers.

How to prepare the tea:

You put on filtered water on your stove and you mix one bag in the water (3 mg). You stir like for 15 minutes. While stirring you can feel your intention. To make the taste a little bit nicer you can add honey. After you drink the medicine. This medicine is very good if you want to meditate or before going to bed.

Enjoy this beautiful medicine




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