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Healing retreats SA

We offer healing holidays in collaboration with fantastic people in South Africa. In South Africa Robyn and Ronaldo together with their people have a farm where they offer healing holidays. Ronaldo is a real alchemist and Shaman and Robyn is just pure love with a lot of wisdom about herbs and detoxing.

You can go there to empty your mind and heal from within, but you can also choose to recover in combination with plant medicines.

The farm is located between the Magaliesberg mountains, of which this is one of the oldest mountains in the world (2.4 billion years old). The energy is very high there, since it is pure. There you still have crystal clear water from the mountains, beautiful birds and other animals. It is a pure, peaceful place where you can really disconnect from the hectic pace and connect with yourself.

This is what it’s all about in the end, about the pure connection with yourself from within. Because your outside world is a reflection of you.

These retreats are for when you have fears, patterns in life (you attract the same kind of people every time), for when you are codependent on alcohol, smoking, drugs, sex, pharmaceutical pills.

But also if you want a reset internally and you want to feel more about yourself and understand yourself. If you are emotionally stuck, feeling depressed and want a real change.

They grow their own cannabis and make oil. Ronaldo is a real alchemist and Robyn is pure love and takes care of you from head to toe with of course the rest of the team.

In addition to cannabis, they offer natural herbs, enemas, mushrooms, ayahuasca and of course the master ibogaine.

This farm is not on the internet yet, but I (Tamara) have been working with them for 8 years and I have tried retreats several times. This is the beauty, they are not to be found, it is word of mouth.

They have room for 5 people and you each have your own room. This is necessary since healing is very sacred and you really need to have space for yourself.

Do you want an authentic healing that you don’t think is money making? Then we wholeheartedly recommend these retreats. Of course you can call Carmen and me for questions and we will guide you from the Netherlands if you go here. We are also there for you after the treatment. Because the real journey only starts when you are back in your area. This can be hectic and that is why we offer after care programs so that you can let everything sink in.

Does sun retreat give you fear or another bad feeling? Then we just say DO. Then why this is the way to engage those energies in your energy field and then you transform them.

Also know that you are your own healer. You feel what you can handle during these journeys.

Hereby my recording of my 12 days full activation journey. You can see when you clean up on the inside you change on the outside and not the other way around.