Who we are

Who we are


The most common greeting in the Zulu tribe is Sawubona.

It literally means “I see you, you are important to me and I value you”.

It is an ode to South Africa.

The logo is a design of the Grandfather amongst all healing plants: Ibogaine

Who are we?

The beautiful thing of the universe is, that nothing is a coincidence. Everything is orchestrated as you are the creator. Every person, animal, situation you encounter represents a piece of your inner world. A feeling that you carry in your heart. This can be a feeling that you are conscious of or not. This is the beauty, the outside shows you what you need to heal. Healing is transforming a negative feeling in love. In order to do that, you need to fully understand that the person that you meet is you on the inside. That is actually magical. But that is also something we have never learned.

This is also the way we have met. We met each other for the first time in South Africa. South Africa has a special connection with the Netherlands and that is why we have chosen the name Sawubona.

You can only see the other what you feel in your heart. The logo is the plant Ibogaine. The Grandfather of the medicine plants. A medicine that luckily is not well known yet, so it is still pure.

Both of us have done massive inner healing and transformed negative feelings. We both master the mirror. Which is the perfect tool to know yourself and so also to heal yourself.

The mirror is the ankh of your feeling.  We can mirror the mirror in you with the wisdom we have gained. As behind pain, there is light, the feeling of love. We can shine our light on your light in order to activate your pain or in order to understand your pain. Everyone’s purpose on earth is to follow their feeling and to face their fear, in order to feel love. Feeling and being love is a being without triggers. You are free. Because isn’t that the dream of everyone to feel no more fear, no more guilt, no more pain?

We offer workshops, tailor made healing sessions, retreats, meditation, readings, plant medicines…. Our energy field is open to mirror your energy.