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Pharmaceutical detox / drugs detox

This retreat is very suitable if you are addicted to sleeping pills, anti-depressants or any other pharmaceutical pill. It is also very suitable if you are addicted to alcohol, drugs, smoking, sex, etc. Rehabs are designed to keep people codependent. They want to fix your head, but you have to fix an abuse in your DNA. This is already apparent if people still say that they have not drunk for example for 4 years. Those are dry alcoholics. Often it turns out that they come out of rehab and take something else instead, eg food. Research has also shown that many people have a relapse after rehab.

  • 3 to 4 weeks
  • The first week is focused on preparing your mind and body for the 9 day liver cleanse
  • Every day you will have a colonic irrigation. With these rinses, heavy metals, toxins and emotional events will be removed
  • Tailored diet, vitamins and minerals
  • Sleep therapy with the right natural medicines
  • Cleanings journey served during your liver, gut and kidney cleanse
  • 24 hour spirit plant journey – to reset your mind
  • The last week you get a variety of plant medicines including ibogaine. This is to reset your DNA even deeper so that your craving that comes from the outside will disappear.

Costs: 2000 euros (excluding flight and transportation costs)