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Natural medicine for stress / restlessness / sleeping problems


Pharmaceutical drugs do not take away your sleeping problems with sleeping tablets, in fact, they suppress your pain and they are prone to addiction. They make you drowsy and literally drain your energy.

Before drugs from pharmaceutical companies came on the market, people have been working with natural medicines for centuries. Medicines that are prepared by hand and therefore with love.

Many people suffer from restlessness, difficulty sleeping and stress. Often this is because people worry or are afraid to let go. This combination of medicines makes you feel calmer and can let go in a natural way.

This drug is purely based on natural ingredients and this combination cannot be found on the market. All ingredients are ground by hand and put into vegan tablets. Our secret ingredient, the intention of love. Love is the energy that has the highest frequency and therefore the most healing.

This drug consists of a mix of:

– Valerian

– Extra strong passion flower

– Rosemary

Valerian has a calming effect on your system. It can reduce anxiety and relieve stress.

Passionflower also helps to reduce anxiety and improve your sleep patterns. It calms the nervous system.

Rosemary ensures that you relax your muscles more and can therefore sleep better.

These 3 ingredients together form a very nice remedy for stress / restlessness / sleeping problems.


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