Who we are

About Carmen

In the year of 2015 I have met Tamara in South Africa. There was an instant heart connection at the first sight. We stayed in contact by Social Media and already soon we noticed we shared the same feelings about the world, the people in it and how the world was designed.

As a child I have always known we could perceive more than with only our 5 senses. In that time I wasn’t taken seriously, so as I child I learned at a young age to hide my truth. In that way I drifted further and further away from myself and I taught myself certain patterns in order to navigate through life……I thought.

When you don’t live in your own truth and your own flow, you will a price….every time. You will be challenged by the universe to do inner work, to look and to feel your shadow sides, in order to understand the, so you can heal them.

The mirror is the key, that helps you to use your tools so that you can understand your inner world and your pain and transcend it. You will be able to clean your emotional, your physical, your mind and your spiritual side. The moment you feel to do that inner work, is the moment you start to feel lighter, more happy, more open.

The last few years I attended a course about  the medicinal healing of plants and herbs, because every medicine can be found in nature.