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Clean your gut


Why is cleaning the gut so important?

The gut is something very important and hardly you hear the pharmaceutical industry speaking about it. While we all know the saying ‘I feel it in my gut’.

The gut is an area which is famous for parasites and worms. The little creators are eating you from the inside out. That is why these colon cleansings are so important. No only to clean your intestines,  but it will also effect cleaning your liver. Your liver is a filter for the whole body. Often when people stop eating meat, they get tired, that is normal as they cant feed themselves anymore from the meat. The result is that they will eat you from the inside out and that will make you tired.

The cleanings are also very good if you are irritated, angry, it is a fantastic way to clean your energy field.

It is also a very good way when you had an evening of toxic drinks, food etc.

When to do a cleaning:

You can do a cleansing in the morning, during the day, or in the evening. Also for that you will feel it.

Where to place it?

The most convenient place is next to your toilet 😊. So make a little hook where you can hang the bag and place a little pot with coconut oil also in the bathroom with a bottle of water with cleaning hydrogen periox in it. After use you can put the end of the plastic hose in it.

Sawubona– I see you

How to use it:

You literally lie on your back with your legs up. You put the end of the hose in the coconut oil. Don’t be afraid, this really doesn’t hurt. Once it’s in your bump, you open the tap. You can massage in the meantime your belly and make it like a kind of meditation and put your intention what you want to release. Of course you will know

when to stop it and to close the tap. After use, put the end of the hose in the bottle

with hydrogen peroxide. Please not after release, make the bag clean with water and some hydrogen peroxide. The longer you can use the bag.

Analyse your result:

You can analyze your poop after. You can do that with a little wooden stick. Most people don’t like this idea, but to do that you will see how interesting it is what is coming from your body.

If you see white stuff or green or something that looks strange, congratulations, these are the worms or parasites. If your poop feel soft, this is normal poop. Is the poop very hard, this is sitting in your intestines for very long.

In the beginning you need to get to used to it, but when you have done it several times it becomes almost an addiction to do it. Especially when you know what they put in your food.

Sawubona– I see you

Hereby some types of worms:

What Are Helminths?

Enjoy your cleaning. And of course for any questions you can contact us.

Love Carmen & Tamara


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