Who we are

DNA activation - Light activation

After years of self-healing and self-reflection I developed my own method to help others to activate the healer in themselves. Because the truth is, is that we are all our own healers. No one can heal the other, the other can only (with your permission) bring out a feeling in you. We are mirrors and we mirror feelings in each other and we the outside through our feelings. With my energy I can bring out in you what is ready to be felt. You feel it and I mirror that feeling. I can do that as I can see and feel energy as I had it myself.

In ancient Egypt they knew that the outside is a reflection of the inside. They even built the Pyramids as a reflection of Orion:

The ANKH, two become one. And when you understand this, your life will change. I am not going to say it is easy, but it is worth it. Upper image is the mirror, ankh is from Tutankhamun.

Everything (person, situation, movie, music) that we encounter on the outside can bring out a feeling on the inside. This feeling is YOU, the outside reflects that feeling.

We have been conditioned to blame the outside for not nice feelings, but also to reward the outside for good feelings. But the universal truth is, is that the outside is a reflection of your inside.

Coming back to my method. I have been working and still work as a shaman in Africa and in the rest of the world. I work with my own energy.

How does my method work?

you will be attracted to my energy and so ready to be activated. We meet every person for a reason.

You need to feel me and I need to feel you in order that we vibrate on the same frequency and the intention is pure. I have the ability due my own experiences to see your pain and blockages and my light can shine on your blockages in order to bring them to the surface, In this way your light will be triggered and this will trigger your pain on the inside. I help you guide to let go of your pain with love.

We do this in a session, or we meet by person or we do the session by zoom, or what’s app. Before the session I will send you a questionnaire with questions that need to be filled in by you. You do this in your own time as these questions will trigger you in your pain. This is necessary. We can only feel more love on the inside as we have brought out our pain, acknowledged it. The moment you understand your pain is the moment you can let it go. I will mirror you the answers that you already have in your heart.

When you are ready with the questions, you send them back to me and I will analyze it. We plan a session and in that session we will discuss your feelings, your pain. My light will transform your pain (as you allow it) into light. I can guarantee you that after this session you will feel lighter, more clear. But not only that, I will also activate in you the tools in order to heal yourself further if you encounter your pain.

We are always ready to feel what need to be felt. Pain comes to the surface when we are ready. Our ego is not ready, but our beautiful soul is. And don’t forget if you don’t face your pain, it will keep on manifesting in a different form till you are ready to face it. You face yourself.

Are you ready to vibrate higher? Are you ready to let go of your pain? Are you ready to feel more love? Are you ready to face your demons? Are you ready to receive love?

Then contact me and my heart is open to guide you to your higher self.

Energy Exchange:

I ask an energy exchange, this can be a number, see below, but I am also open for another exchange:

A single session including analyzing the questionnaire is: € 55 (takes about max two hours)

A follow up session is € 44


Carmen & Tamara